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As a child I used to dream to become a trapeze artist, I used to climb up anywhere identifying with the Baron in the Trees, a famous character of a popular italian novel who decides to spend his adventurous life up in trees… then, growing up, life brought me back to the ground: I practiced dance, played the transverse flute and the saxophone, studied philosophy, mime, theatre, ceramics modelling, lived upon the fruit of the earth and plenty of other things… until a few years ago when, for the first time and for a strange coicidence, I came across the magical circus world: I started studying aerial acrobatics on tissue and trapeze, finding out the boundery line between the ground and the sky, and choosing it as my privileged place of experimentation through my body being conscious of the close connection between physical and inner balance. Air has become the place for my work and research ( for what it evokes, for its charme and the danger entailed, because up there I feel the lack of gravity…) I perform as a contemporary circus artist and I teach my art to adults and children. In my performances I try to combine the spectacularity of the aerial acrobatics with the dramatic power of mime and the elegance of dance.

Elena Manni in arte Eli Rudyzuli
Versatile artist, Eli collaborated in various theatrical shows, either for the children’s and street theatre.
Mime, actress, stiltwalker, tumbler, musician, dancer, aerial acrobat.

She studies ballet with S. Gallo, transverse flute at the Fiesole School of Music, saxophone with L. Di Volo. She approached to theatre attending the workshops with Teatro dell’Oppresso, then focusing on the study of physical theatre with L. Ranallo and clown with E. Gallon De La Valle (Lecoq’s method).
She approached to mime with Bianca Francioni ( Ecole Internazionale de Mimodramme Marcel Marceau de Paris), keeps studying in detail corporal mime with O. Pollack ( Decroux method, Mimumzentrum of Berlin) and biomechanics with Karpov ( Moscow School of Biomechanics). She studies tap-dance with Andrea Mugnai, theatre dance with P. Grison, contemporary dance with A. Balducci.

In the last few years she has been dedicating to aerial acrobatics ( studying in Spain, France and Belgium especially tissue, fixed trapeze, hoop and wire with S. Journot, J. Neves and C. Rossi) the same time, searching for a deeper consciousness of her body, she starts practicing Butoh Dance (with Atsushi Takenouchi and M. Seki),voice training (with F. Della Monica) and yoga.

She alternates the artistic contemporary circus activity with the teaching of the aerial disciplines ( where she is also very appreciated as a choreographer ) either to professionists and amateurs ( adults and children ), collaborating in Italy as a teacher with various organisazions (FNAS, CAI, Circomix, Piccola Scuola di Circo di Milano, meeting nazionale operatori di circo, progetto Performers Regione Sardegna...) and abroad (Cabuwazi, PalestinianCircusSchool...).

Expert free climber, she also performs as aerial dancer, creating in 2007 the project of vertical theatre “Paradossoperaria” with Stefano Corrinna.
Fondatrice  della compagnia“ MI FA vo LA RE piccolo circo aereo musicale”, collabora con Theatre en Vol ,  EventiVerticali , Il Posto, Camillocromo...

Elirudyzuli Mime Vertical Dance

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