Elirudyzuli Aerial DanceElirudyzuli Aerial Dance
Elirudyzuli Aerial Dance


Aerial vertical dance performances on climbing wall, suspended vertical dance, aerial dance on tissue, trapeze, hoop and wire.

Theme performances created upon request, to make the audience lift their eyes up and seize a different space perspective.

Performances giving vertical interpretations of spaces on the basis of their architecture.

Performances to bring out architectures, interpret urban spaces, enrich theatrical occurences, enliven indoor and outdoor events.

Performances that can adapt to different settings and occasions, using for the staging climbing techniques on trees, balconies, beams, windows, crane trucks; in case of impossibility due to space inadequacy or safety reasons, an auto-loading carrying structure CEE approved ( h. 6,5 metres, overall dimensions 7x5,5 metres) will be used instead.


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Elirudyzuli Vertical Dance
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